Anish from Wyndham Vale , Vic 3024

I have been in the market for 3+ months studying different systems and doing all sorts of comparisons on panels, inverters, companies, price etc. Had many experiences including many companies falsely advertising Hunwah QCells and selling Hunwha HSL (inferior) panels, some companies advising Bosch and SMA Sunny boy as Hybrid /Battery ready inverters which is highly misleading because both need additional battery inverter (sunny island etc) to connect battery which cost additional $5K Plus battery. Evergreen Solar and the sales Rep Bravo stood outstanding in this whole lot, because they provided truthful and sensible advise. He even provided genuine advise during one call when I told him I’m holding off on my decision to buy a solar system. If they don’t know something they will tell you upfront instead of bluffing When I went back to him after a month, he straight away beat the offer from other companies. I paid the advance on a Thursday afternoon and the Installers were on my Property next Tuesday morning. The electrician (Sammy) was also very professional and completed installation by afternoon and explained everything I need to know on the solar system in detail. He even explained & marked the switchboard (grid connection) since we bought the property recently and nothing was marked. Another good thing is they completed the installation with 2 strings as north and west facing arrays without any dramas. They explained which alignment is likely to produce more and meet my energy needs based on time and also considered my opinions on aesthetics. Most other companies try to charge a premium for multi string installations. The Inspector promptly came on Saturday and was happy with the installation and commented on the high yields. My 5.2 KW Jinko panels + SMA Sunnyboy system is consistently producing ~20 KW each day in autumn (acknowledge it was quite sunny past few days) and am pretty proud of the system.