Complaints Handling Procedure

Complaints Handling Procedure

At Evergreen Solar Power we make a great effort to deliver best possible customer service to our customers, however a issues does occurs, we are committed  to resolve as early as possible.

Making a Complaint

A Complaint can be reported verbally via phone, in person or in writing via letter, email or facsimile to Evergreen Solar Power.

The Complaints process of Evergreen Solar Power is as follows,

  • The preliminary response for a written or verbal complaint should be provided to the customer as soon as possible, and normally within a week time to inform customer what we are doing to resolve unless there is a obvious reason for extending the time frame.
  • In this kind of circumstances we will contact the customer and explain in detail why it will be taking bit longer than provided time frame.
  • Where practicable, complaints are targeted to be resolved within three weeks of being received, any complaint not resolved within that time frame being received should be referred to the higher management.

How to raise a complaint with us: